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Would you trust any person with your painting project?

Let's face it just about everyone has done some painting. But today's paints are more complicated. Selecting the proper paint and using it correctly is now more important than ever to protect the investment you've made in your home or business. When deciding who should handle your next paint project, consider the following points:

1) Safety-- Professional PDCA painting contractors follow appropriate measures to protect their employees and customers from hazards including lead-based paint which is often found in buildings built before 1978.

2) Using New Paints-- New environmental regulations mean some paints will be harder  to use. Professional PDCA painting contractors will know which paints are best and how to  use them properly.

3) Convenience-- Hiring professional PDCA contractors means everything will be taken care of with the contractors standing behind their work.

4) Insurance and Security-- Professional PDCA contractors carry liability insurance and workmans compensation coverage for your protection.