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ACYL starts by thoroughly cleaning the outside of your home. Paint won't stick to dirt, grease, grime or dust.  We start at the top and work your way down the sides of the house. If your siding has areas of mold, mildew or discoloration, we wash it with an anti-fungal cleaner.

On wood siding, we fill in any gouges or holes with an exterior-grade patching compound, sometimes called "plastic wood." If damage is more extensive, replace the area with a new piece of siding.
We remove even small areas of loose, flaking, chalky or blistered paint thoroughly. If not too extensive, this can be done with a paint scraper, putty knife and wire brush. Loose paint can also be removed with a power washer. Edges are sanded of the area of removed paint afterwards to help the new paint cover and hide the edge.
To remove larger areas of damaged paint, or multiple layers, we use a heat gun. This device, which looks a bit like a hair blower, generates temperatures of 1000 F or more. Aim it at an area to soften the paint, and then scrape away the paint with a putty knife. 
We caulk all cracks, seams and gaps with a top-quality, paintable exterior caulk. This includes areas like the perimeter where siding meets windows and doors, corners and the edges of exterior trim. Cracks and seams leave edges where fresh paint can quickly begin to deteriorate. 
We mask off areas that are not to be painted. ACYL places masking tape along the edge of house trim, and around window and door frames and trim, since this is likely to be painted in a different color or with a higher sheen paint. 
ACYL places plastic drop cloths over plants and shrubs, or where paint may drip on porches, roof sections, sidewalks, driveways or other surfaces. 

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All areas that have been sanded and all new material surfaces will be primed. Priming helps the paint adhere to the surfaces. Any Color You Like, Inc. uses an oil based exterior primer because it gives maximum protection to the restored original material.

Spray painting is the next step in the Any Color You Like, Inc. system. Surfaces are sprayed to ensure an even coverage. The paint is directionally sprayed - up, down, left and right - to ensure consistent surface coverage.

Unless otherwise specified, Any Color You Like, Inc. recommends an acrylic flat latex paint for betterpainting3.jpg (4003 bytes) bonding and material breathability. For stucco and brick, we use high quality masonry paint which can add years of extended life. Any Color You Like, Inc. also offers oil based stains for wood shingles and siding.

Before the first drop of paint is sprayed, all landscaping and nearby property is properly covered for protection from overspray. All windows, door handles, light fixtures and trim, etc., are carefully taped.

Hand rolling the paint follows the spraying step. By rolling we achieve a uniform texture on all surfaces and rolling gives this second coat a higher degree of color retention and weatherability.