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A properly prepared surface is the critical factor in our painting projects. Any Color You Like, Inc., can confidently guarantee a long lasting paint-to-surface bonding based on our thorough preparation. No paint is applied to any surface until it is properly cleaned of peeling paint, dirt and dust particles.

The first step in our preparation is water blasting. Any Color You Like, Inc., blasts each surface according to manufacturer specifications; taking care to avoid damage. An acid additive is used for cleaning, removing and inhibiting mildew when we find it.

All paint and dirt particles which were not removed during water blasting are sanded. Using machines, or even sanding by hand, all surfaces are smoothed for permanent paint adherence.

All loosened surfaces (boards, shingles and wood siding) are renailed as part of our surface preparation. Any Color You Like,  makes sure that all surface materials are affixed, clean and smooth, before we paint.

The final step in our preparation is caulking. All old and peeling caulk is removed before recaulking around door frames and windows.

Any Color You Like, Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc. knows that "surprises" are not always a good thing. We supply your management with notices to distribute to residents so they will be alerted to remove personal property from balconies and other areas being water blasted. Residents will also be notified to remove breakable articles affixed to interior outer walls so that renailing does not cause damage.