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The elements, wind and weather, can give your investment property quite a beating by the time you are ready to repaint. Your property may need a variety of repairs ranging from replacements to major refurbishings. Any Color You Like, Inc. has the experienced and knowledgeable carpentry staff to handle everything from the simplest to the most extensive repair.

Our estimates are competitively priced and written to your specifications. If you do not have written specifications, we will assist you in developing these based on your budget and needs. Our line item estimates are concise and specific, eliminating possible confusion and dispute.

Renailing is the first step in our extensive preparations and is included at no charge. And, where repair is not enough to give your investment long-lasting protection, we recommend replacement. Any Color You Like, Inc. repairs or replaces every form of exterior wood and wood trim; shingles, siding, shutters, planters, trim on doors, windows, soffits, cornices, fascia, and especially fences and balconies. Any Color You Like, Inc. also repairs and replaces concrete balconies, patios, and walkways. We repair stucco and brick surfaces, matching new materials to existing. Our representatives can advise you on the specifications and selection of new materials.

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Throughout each renovation phase, our crews will remove all debris at the end of each work day, picking up nails and fasteners and cleaning the area. A dumpster will be provided for disposal of large debris.

Anytime it is necessary for our crews to work with an opened door in an unoccupied residence, security can be provided upon request